Saturday, 23 January 2010

مسرح كبير: مسرح كبير (الجزء الأول)

مسرح كبير: مسرح كبير (الجزء الأول)

This is a very good beginning. I like the idea very much. It seems you need to continue with other roles beside the rich person like: the scientists, the teacher, the father, the mother, the ruler, the poor, the farmer, the manager at work, the headmaster at school, the student, the merchant, the business man, the sentor, etc. I really liked this good start and wish to see your completed work soon inshallah after you finish the exams!
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  1. Thank U dr. Mahmoud 4 ur nice comment and encouragement. Yes that's right, I'll write about other roles. I'll complete it soon inshallah. Thank U so much...