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Reading Types and Strategies:

we used Google to search for reading types and reading strategies
The types of reading that we found :
1- Independent Reading
Students read silently by themselves and at their own pace (Taylor, 1993). The selections must be at students' reading level in order for them to comprehend what they're reading.
2-Reading Aloud to Students
Teachers use the interactive read-aloud procedure to share selections that are appropriate for students' interest level but too difficult for them to read by themselves (Barrentine, 1996).
3-Guided Reading
Teachers scaffold students' reading to teach reading strategies (Fountas & Pinnell, 1996, 2001). Guided reading is conducted with small groups of students who read at the same level.
4-Shared Reading
Students follow along as the teacher reads a selection aloud (Fisher & Medvic, 2000). Primary-grade teachers often use big books-enlarged versions of the selection-for shared reading (Holdaway, 1979).
let us say that you are a student of management; and as suggested by your professor, you need to buy a reference text book on Investment Management, or to write a paper on Computer Graphics. You go to a book store and see a rack full of books, with the same title, but different authors. You don't have time to read the pages before deciding on buying the book. Therefore, you quickly go through the contents, title page and the blurb. By now you have decided buy one book. This type of reading is known as "Skimming". Thus skimming may be defined as "looking over a text/book quickly, in order to get a general or superficial idea of the content".
As you read a text or a article, you may suddenly come across a word that is not familiar to you. Naturally, you would like to know the meaning of the word, for you own benefit. So you get the dictionary and carefully find word. You see the spelling, pronunciation, meaning and also the various uses of the same word. This type of careful reading to find out the specific, clear details is known as "scanning".
7-Extensive Reading:
As we have already mentioned, our way of reading is influenced by the purpose of our reading. Most of us have the habit of reading especially when we are free, or have a lot of leisure time. We might get hold of a novel, a comic strip, or a magazine. When we read for the pure pleasure of reading, it is known as "extensive" reading.
8-Intensive Reading:
when we read shorter text like a research paper for getting specific details or information, we read slowly with a lot of concentration. This is known as intensive reading. When you read a book as resource material for research, you read it intensively because the overall understanding is not the objective or purpose of our reading. When you read an article in order to write a review on it, you read it intensively. We use all the skill of reading when we do intensive reading.
9-Loud and Silent Reading:
Most of our day-to day- reading is done silently. When we read an article or an advertisement, we are engaged in the process of deriving meaning from the passage. Actually when we read aloud, our concentration is divided between reading and speaking. This makes reading difficult and may cause problems in understanding the matter. However, there are situation when we may have to read things aloud when others do not have access to them - for example, notice and circulars. We need to read the instructions aloud to student or employees, so that there is no confusion later. Apart from these extraordinary situations, most of the time the natural way of reading is silent reading, which is ideal and helps comprehension.
we found an article about Reading strategies on this website:
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