Thursday, 15 April 2010

Assignment of lesson 6...

Hi Dr. Mahmoud and dear colleagues,

To apply what we've learned from lesson 6 Google it! Find it!; We searched about one of the methodology topics which is Intensive and Extensive reading.

- we used the Google engine for our search...

- We wrote the title of our topic using different keywords in order to reach the best results.

- We went through many sites and articles that was shown in the search results.

- Also, we used Google Scholar and had a quick look on many books in methodology.

- After many trials we found a good article on:
that touched our need.

It was very useful experience for us.. We really enjoyed it.
Thank you..

Best regards...
Mona, Zainab, Asmaa, and Eman.

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  1. Hello...Thanks so much for this and well done! This is EXACTLY what I needed from you. Excellent! Mahmoud