Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wise sayings and wisdom in King Lear!

Hello everyone! Now that you're studying King Lear this semester, I'd like you to compile from the play nice and wise sayings like the one posted by Mona. You will find so many, especially those said by the Fool. This will help you with studying the play, and will help me to remember the wise sayings (which are always prominent in those soliloquies which distinguish Shakespearen tragedies). I'm sure that you will find nice things on different common topics like: parenthood, brotherhood, (in)gratitude, life and death, destiny,and nature...Who will be the first one to start the wheel???

Best wishes


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  1. Hi dr. Mahmoud... and everyone,

    Nice post.. It'll be a great discussion..
    can I share with something?
    I wont write much.. but I love to show this beautiful quote..
    'My love's more richer than my tongue'
    It's said by cordelia.. I love it and I think it has a wonderful meaning..
    She wanted to convey to her father the idea that.. True feelings can't be expressed by tongue.. Her love to her father is great o the extent that it can't be easily expressed by words...
    As a result, the foolishness of King Lear appears when he considered that she don't love him as her sisters..
    Unfortunately, he didn't understand what cordelia was trying to convey..

    Sorry for any mistakes. I didn't read much on this play, but I really loved this quote and wanted to share it..