Thursday, 1 April 2010

Benefits and uses of Blogs in language learning as posted by groups.

1. From Nour and Manar:
Hello members

How can Blogs be used for language learning purposes?

We can use Blog in order to shars the idea about the english language with the others,

For examble if I have asummary for King Lear in Drama I can Bublesh it through Bloge so as to shar my classmates with me.Then the can help me to correct my faults or to add another ideas that benfit us.We can also add an interesting subjects in life or at any fields.

We know it has many charactistics like:

It makes the connection easy between the people.It mkes the students more active as it encourge them to discuss and suggests alot of subjects

1- It also shows the different talent of the students.

2- it allows the chance to any one to share and have avoice in the conversation.

3- Its also give the students self confidence spechially the shy one.

4- We can use it to get more information from the coversation as we share it with people in other countries.

We can echange the opinin with the native speakers of English around English subjects like grammer writing listning and so on.

with my best weshes

Nour and Manar
2. From Mona and her group:
Hi dear members,
We think it is really a very interesting lesson. Blogs has a great importance for us as undergraduation students. It's a great means that can be used in:
1- Open discussions regarding our study of English as a second language, or general discussions on puplic topics from our real life.

2- Share our ideas, attitudes, and opinions about many issues.
3- Help shy students -like us - to express their thoughts freely without embarrassment.
4- Show our talents and improve our abilities and hoppies by composing our own blogs in any field.
Finally.. We'll send more details from home as the connection here is so slow.
Best wishes

Mona Abdallah

Zeinab Alaa

Ayat Mohammed

Asmaa Shawqy
From Reham and her group:
About Blogs:
How can blogs be used in English teaching and learning:

- In our opinion, blogs are useful at learning because through them anyone can write a question and the others can help him in the answer like what we did in the novel the first simster.

-Promote critical and thinking;

-Promote analogical thinking;

-Be a powerful medium for increasing access and exposure to quality information;

-Combine the best of solitary reflection and social interaction (or giving space for both individual reflections and collaborative, social work online with others).

- It could be a place to publish the course curriculum, class rules, homework assignments, and handouts, and it costs nothing.

- They are democratic tools that support different learning styles allowing each one an equal opportunity to have a voice in the ongoing conversation. Also, they give chance to shy students to express themselves and participate without feeling embarrassed.

(Reham, Sahar and Israa.)
From Omar:
Hi dear group,

Blogs have big importance for all of us so how can blogs be used for language learning purposes?

1-students can collect thier best work and send it to others to see online on e-portfolio.

2-blogs can help shy students to express themselves without any fear.

3-blogs are source of information but sometimes they might be wrong because everyone is allowed to publish whatever he wishes.

4 exchanging ideas with each other and gaining information and experience.

Thats all for now.


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  2. Dear colleagues,
    A question was sent by your colleague, Manar Ahmad. Of course, I'm going to do my best to help her by searching for material that might help her to answer it. But before doing that, I'd like first to receive your answers as far as you understand this interesting socio-political comedy. All of us will help Manar to find an answer. The question is: "How did George Bernard Show depict the struggle between morals and economics in Major Barbara?" I'll be waiting for your comments and posts before giving my personal answer.
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